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Grilled, Baked, Broiled, 

Never Fried.

Most restaurants fry their Wings in the same ol' oil increasing cholesterol levels.

We want to make having wings healthier and more flavorful. 

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Get Wings from the Tropics

Everyone loves wings, from a small dinner to a large tailgate. But, we noticed there’s a problem. Wings served mostly fried.

So we decided to change that.

JAM Rewards

JAM Rewards

Sign up for our JAM Rewards Program and get 5% OFF your first pickup order, plus get 2 points (a.k.a. jams) for every dollar spent (every 500 jams gives you a FREE entree):

(Points redeemable at any JamaFo Food Brand - FIMI Wings or JamaFo Xpress)

We never spam or sell your information. Read our privacy policy and Rewards Program rules.

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